A comprehensive CatapultX questionnaire for new clients.



For Media Companies


  • Can data be layered into paid distribution? If so, what data layers are available?

    Yes. You’ll be able to launch paid campaigns just as you would before. The added benefit will be the cost. Because this is editorial content, we’ve found that performance is nearly 10X better than traditional branded content campaigns.

    Which makes sense. Your editorial is what consumers have come to watch. They’ll engage. That brings down the overall costs to you.

  • Is CatapultX going to offer any “skip ad” functionality? Does this lead to a poor user experience? (Talk about contextual)

    We do not offer a skip functionality on content distributed through social. This has never been an issue before as the majority of our ad formats do not interrupt or interfere with the content in any way. Whoever is building the units internally will also have final say on maintaining editorial quality. Also because your team selects the content, they can create a stronger brand alignment than a more randomized mid-roll. The ad can be related to the content itself rather than just the audience profile.

    The ad creator will need to make sure the ad-inserts do not interfere with a brand advertising during placement. Catapult ad formats are significantly less jarring than traditional mid-roll.

    They can also create or have created ad inserts they think will work better.

  • How do we track our campaign performance?

    We have a full analytics dashboard and exportable CSVs. Plus you can aggregate data by advertiser or specific campaign.

  • What internal resources need to be allocated towards managing CatapultX?

    Tools will improve over time, but it takes far less time than hiring a creative person, an editor, and a project manager. You can now do with 1 person which used to take 6.

    With 25MM vv/m in unmonetized inventory an employee can generate up to $6 million dollars in net-new revenue per year.

  • How is CatapultX’s product more efficient than a programmatic campaign?

    Programmatic ads aren’t available within the platform, unless it’s from the platforms themselves. Currently only 14% of videos are currently monetized by the platforms and there are a lot of hurdles. For example, Facebook requires a video be at least three minutes in length, then the consumer must watch one minute of the video, and then make it through a 5, 10, or 15 second ad, and then the publisher receives a 60% split of a CPM that ranges from $2-$20.

    Even the videos they do monetize, don’t make a whole lot of money.