Media With The Moment

CatapultX uses AI-powered ad placements to deliver your brand messages at the moment of highest impact and relevance.

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AI-Powered Placements

Relevancy drives impact. Our contextual AI finds the perfect advertiser moment by understanding people, places, products and sentiment across millions of premium publisher videos.

Our unique formats make your brand part of the content rather than the obstacle to it. Drive improved engagement and performance through creative that is:

  • Unskippable

    Place your content into videos without the disruption of traditional ads

  • Relevant

    Find the perfect match to your brand’s voice every time (with contextual AI)

  • Brand Safe

    You pick who, where & when your ads appear

  • Higher Performance

    Drive real-world results through contextual relevancy

CatapultX Launch™

Buy from CatapultX’s Private Marketplace (PMP), Fully-Managed IO or select DSPs across:

  • Social
  • OTT
  • Live
  • Native
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Our Ad Experiences

Let our dynamic ad formats maximize your campaign objectives;

  • Slide

    Buccis nobilitas clementiam quo sacrilegam si lategue

  • Ad Insert

    Oceani similique ulteriorem hac rulpeculae at pubtico

  • Shoppable

    Legere tincidunt resistendi hac rulpeculae at vinctas

  • Text on Screen

    Duorum silentium iaculantur non obstaculum si nuntios

Ad-Integration Studio

With CatapultX ​Mesh™ ​you can use our format guides or proprietary ad-converter to quickly stitch your direct-sold advertisers into existing video.

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