The AI Powered Video Monetization Platform

CatapultX provides the simplest tools to generate more revenue from your videos, anywhere they live, starting with Social.

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Unskippable, Unmissable & Unmatched

CatapultX’s proprietary technology uses Artificial Intelligence to reinvent advertising by eliminating the interruptive experience consumers have grown to hate.

  • Relevant

    Advertising that matches video’s most engaging moments. A complementing experience, rather than an disruptive one

  • Format

    Designed to engage and without the obstacles. Creative that performs on OTT, Social, Native and Live Video

  • Signals

    Looks, listens and understands what is happening in video, like magic

  • Utility

    Value integration vs. Loss leading content now becomes a scalable profit center

A Viewer-First Ad Experience

85% of consumers will leave a video once they see a pre-roll.

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  • Less Intrusive

    Not the make-you-wait, interrupt your show, advertising that most audiences hate, but seamlessly weaved into the content

  • More Engaging

    When the ad makes sense and doesn’t pause the content, viewers stay locked in. Resulting in advertising that is more interesting, memorable and trackable

  • More Integrated

    CatapultX places advertising that will directly complement the publishers content rather than interrupt it. Advertising and content in harmony creates a truly pleasurable viewing experience, and longer viewing cycles.

  • 350B

    per year in Missed Opportunities

  • 85%

    of audiences leave content due to ads on mobile

  • 65%

    of viewers skip online video ads as soon as possible.

  • 25%

    of US consumers use Ad Blockers

“A brilliant way to run video advertising, I can’t believe this has never been done before”

Lashawnda Goffin, GM, Supply Side Partnerships & Development Huddled Masses

Over the last three years, we’ve analyzed hundreds of startups looking to solve social monetization, CatapultX is the first team we’ve found that actually does.

Glenn Argenbright, Founder & General Partner Quake Capital Quake Capital

“Hands down the biggest seismic shift in Adtech I’ve seen in a decade”

Rachel Herskovitz, VP Content Partnerships iHeartMedia